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Catapult: A class of devices designed to hurl a projectile a great distance by a means of force other than combustion.

Where did I get this definition? I made it up. Why? Because all of the other definitions for catapult really suck. The Merriam-Webster definition, the Wikipedia definition and the one put out by the Oxford Dictionary are all weak. Fake Catapult Design

This site contains:

  • catapult plans
  • catapult design
  • easy catapult kits
  • different methods of power
  • some catapult history
  • historic battles that included catapults
  • catapult kit reviews

Catapult History

This section on catapult design focuses on the large, medieval catapults that were usually used as siege-engines. These are the Onager, the Trebuchet and the Ballista. It also includes the Mangonel, the Springald and the Scorpion, but these are just variations of the three already listed. It will soon include optimal configurations for your catapult to achieve the best distance vs weight, some distance calculators and the equations behind them as well as a listing of catapult competitions around the world.

Simple CatapultSlingshot - the handheld catapult

While technically, any device that can hurl a stone without the use of a chemical power source would be considered a catapult, we will only be covering the large scale ones used as siege-engines. We will not be covering any handheld catapults.

While I do like handheld catapults, I’m much more interested in smashing apart castle walls. So, while I’m researching catapult design, I will be focusing on making the really big ones.

Catapult Design

This section will help you learn how to make a catapult. Actually, I would like it to include plans for making several different types of onagers, ballistas and trebuchets. There are also some reviews of catapult kits that are available for making your own. The kits I selected include pre-cut parts and have different levels of difficulty, size and power. They are great educational gifts for sparking an interest in engineering, physics and medieval warfare.

Catapult by Abong Check out my review of the Catapult Kit by Abong. It is a kid friendly catapult that is simple to put together, but still a challenge for young minds.

I really liked this catapult for its simplicity and safety.

Stirling Warwolf TrebuchetOr my review of the Stirling Warwolf Trebuchet by RLT Industries. This is a much bigger, more complex and much more powerful catapult that is a historically accurate model of the original Warwolf. It includes clear assembly instructions and all pre-cut parts. When it’s done, it stands 32″ tall at its highest point and can hurl a stone 60′.

I love this big, bad siege-engine!

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