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Stirling Warwolf Trebuchet Kit Review

Build a Trebuchet

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The Stirling Warwolf Trebuchet kit from RLT Industries makes me drool. I have always wanted to build a trebuchet, but was concerned about how complex they are. The Stirling Warwolf is still complex and could take a few days to put together, but at least I know what I will be getting when it is done. If I did it with my own trebuchet design, I might end up with a little log cabin or something.

This trebuchet looks beautiful! I so desperately want it. I just have to convince the wife that we have room for it (somewhere). It is listed as 1/20th original size, highly detailed and historically accurate. To be completely accurate, it would need to destroy a 1/20th scale wall from Stirling Castle on the first shot. That’s what the original did when it was built. This one is all hardwood, stainable and I love it!


This model stands taller than most of the others. The RLT Industries website lists these dimensions:
Footprint: 22″ x 18″
Axle Height: 18″
Throwing Arm: 32″
Motive Power: Counterweight Box
Range: 40 to 60 feet with the included wooden ball projectiles
Manufacturer: RLT Industries

They also give the shipping weight and box dimensions.
Shipping weight: 10 lbs.
Box dimensions: 36″ x 12″ x 4″

But sometimes you can get free shipping from

Build a Trebuchet Design

OK. This one is not listed as ‘easy to build’. Their site does brag about the included instructions though and explains that they tried to make it as easy as possible to build a trebuchet.

Build a Trebuchet

Highly detailed and computer cut for accuracy, this model is a joy to build. The detailed instructions are complete with diagrams, photos, tuning tips and even historical notes about trebuchets.

And as for build time:

For a Master carpenter doing a sloppy job: about 6 hours.
A person with no kit building experience being extremely meticulous: about ten days.
The model in these photos was built by Ron Toms over two days time.

So that’s not bad. I would want to take my time with this. I like that the parts are all computer cut, so I know I can rely on them to fit properly. Plus, it uses half-lap and mortise and tenon joinery for added strength.

The Warwolf Trebuchet is made of white hardwood and is billed as “the most highly detailed and historically accurate trebuchet you can get.” It features a “squirrel-cage” winch mechanism, block-trolley system and working trigger, frame-ladder (for re-cocking) and two little, medieval, warrior figures. Many others must consider this model to be the most accurate as well, because almost every source I use to find more pictures of it leads me back to the kit!

Tools Needed

– glue
– flat file
– 1/4″ round or rat-tail file
– clamps or rubber bands
– household scissors
– sandpaper

Great Distance

Build a Trebuchet

Forty (40) to sixty (60) feet! Take that, castle wall! To get the sixty feet requires some tuning of the trebuchet. I am completely willing to spend some time tuning mine. I very much need to be able to hurl stuff sixty feet!

You will also need about 720 pennies to put in the counterweight box or something as small and heavy as 720 pennies. It includes projectiles for hurling. Two different weights that represent the scaled counterparts of 100 lb and 350 lb missiles.

Educational has this trebuchet kit listed under the Physics Classroom Supplies section. The RLT site warns that it is a functional model for display and demonstration purposes. Clearly, calling it a toy would be negligent. It is a highly detailed, completely accurate model of a trebuchet made in 1309 to destroy Stirling Castle. And I very much want to play with it.

It isn’t for kids, though. The high price tag that comes with it helps reinforce that idea. You can pick it up at using one of my affiliate links.


The Stirling Warwolf Trebuchet kit looks amazing and I want it. For educational purposes, of course. Since it is made of high quality, white hardwood, I could put it on display in my living room and use it to help take out the garbage. This looks like a great kit if you want to build a trebuchet. Start small and then scale up to a full sized Warwolf. You can order the kit from by clicking this link -> Buy the Stirling Warwolf Trebuchet.

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